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Friday, November 9, 2012

What do you do?

Well....Maddox is definitely starting the bonding process (Especially with Kate)! Which is great but, during the night his attachment became strong enough that he decided instead of sleeping in his crib he needed to sleep with mom. This is not the end of the world but it can't last forever so I hope he enjoys it why it lasts. I know that Kate will! :) He went to sleep really well to start the night and then awoke at about 1:30 for a bottle which he ate very quickly and went back to sleep but did NOT want to be put back in the crib. After abut an hour and a half of attempts Kate opted to try putting him in bed with her. Success!

He is doing really well! He is getting somewhat used to his new family always wanting to touch and kiss him. He is now to the point that he even lets it happen while he is eating and he doesn't have to stop to figure out why in the world it is happening. Kate gave him a haircut before his bath last night. He thought it was neat for the first 17.3 seconds but then after....not so much.

If you remember with Mia, pooping is a really big step with bonding and attachment. Well he, like Mia, decided to prove he is comfortable with his new family while being held by me. I took him downstairs to see if he would allow me to put him down for his nap and then...........it happened. A very distinct contracting of the abdominal muscles while stiffening of the leg muscles and then a terrible smell!!!! Now last time, Kate was taking a shower so I changed Mia's first poopy diaper. I didn't want to be a poopy diaper changing hog so I called for Kate to take this one. She said it was bad.....I wouldn't know. ;)

Madison and Mason are having a blast! They've been playing with their friends they made 2 years ago and some new ones, too. We had a picnic at the school playground last night with the Campbells and the Muirs (the His Hands directors’ families) and 2/3 of the Hatcher sisters, Sara and Ashleigh. Holly was working so she was unable to be there but we were able to have fun anyway. The kids played and the adults talked. Good times with good people!

Mia is still having a rough time. She is not behaving like she knows to. She loves her little brother but I'm pretty sure she doesn't love the attention he gets from mom and dad. We are trying to be mindful of this and do the best we can to ease the transition. I think she is still jet lagging which is not helpful with the situation either.

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