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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Well, that was...........something.

I'm not sure how best to describe it besides simple details.

Mia: Poor thing. She just can't be cooped up like that. It was probably the equivalent of lighting a bottle rocket tossing it into a 5 gallon bucket and sticking a lid on it. (Not fair to the bucket nor the bottle rocket). She did really well considering. She has only slept a fraction of the time she usually does. She only slept a grand total of 5 hours on the plane. Yeah I know!!!!! So in the last roughly 24 hours of her life she has less than 6 hours of sleep. I do believe we won't be making a habit of this.

Mason: He decided to liven up the trip a little himself. One of the very first things he did was to spill his sprite all over himself and the guy sitting next to him. Nope not me, the other one of whom we are not related. God's good though and this gentleman handled it very well. He said his son is autistic and he has been in my place many more times that he has been in his. He and I both had that awkward moment when we realized we don't know one another well enough for me to be helping him wipe the sprite off his pant leg with a wet wipe. Then, once I finally recover from this mess, Mason's nose begins to bleed! I have become proficient at tackling this problem over the years so it wasn't a huge crisis, but an ordeal none the less. And to top it off, toward the end of the flight mason decided to snuggle up to the guy's arm to do his napping. As we were "coming into our final descent" Mason says his throat hurts aka I need to throw up. Well in my OCD ways, I had already used our puke bags to collect and throw away all of the napkins and wet wipes for each of our previous episodes so I quickly and keenly grabbed a plastic bag that had been torn off one of our blankets and then asked the flight attendant for a "new throw-up bag" to which she replied "huh?" in an Asian accent but yet understandable in all languages as "what in the world?" After demonstrating and point to my son with a very pale face she got me a new throw-up bag! We survived without any cookie tossing! Praise God!

Madison: She had her hands full assisting Kate with the corralling of the human pinball we call Mia. She is a real trooper. A great big sister and wonderful help to us. She's going to be an awesome mom!

Kate: She had no time to get in trouble as she was trying to control Mia and keep her from exploding.

Me: Well a trip wouldn't be complete for me without some stomach problems, right? Ice cream for desert on an airplane is a terrible combo........just saying......... I woke up from a nap once in what felt like a Hop-ki-do induced pretzel so my back is pretty sore.

We had a creepy guy on the plane that looked like Kramer from Seinfeld that I know Kyle would have tripped at some point in his 107 passes thought the cabin. (I may or may not have inadvertently in a slumbering state stuck my leg out on one of his many trips by my row).

The guy Mason and I sat by is in international sales for paintball supplies. Pretty cool job and he has seen a lot in all of his travels yet has never met a Christian who had adopted. Pretty sad that we as a group of followers forget about the least of these. He was excited and stated that after being educated by me on some of the scriptures about orphans that he was going to begin to educate others. I pray he does that God may receive the glory.

We had to again go through security for the 3rd time today with the same exact carry on items we have had all through our trip but this time there was an eagle eye! One that caught my wife trying to sneak on her tweezers! The is apparently a threat of her killing all 300+ passengers and 20+ flight attendants by stabbing them to death with tweezers and then patiently pick apart the 10 inch security door to the flight deck and hold the pilots at tweezers point to hijack the plane and demand justice for all.

We are now waiting in the Hong Kong Airport/Mall that is bigger than Missouri to get on the last leg of our trip.

----Written by Jason----

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Location:Hong Kong

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