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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Those Feelings....

I remembered two feelings from last time vividly. One of them I probably could never get enough of and the other I wish never came. And there was a new one added this time!
When Holly walked in with Maddox and Kate laughed/cried/screamed I got really choked up. I let a couple tears flow and then pulled it back together because, well you know, I'm the dad. I love this feeling! It's addicting to say the least. I realize that I probably won't experience it again, (unless God says otherwise) so I cherished it as much as possible without breaking down into all out crying which may have sent my wife over the edge. Plus the kids (Mia) were wondering why there were so many tears from the women as it was.
The not so pleasant feeling of knowing your child doesn't know you and would rather have somebody else is heart breaking. I tried to prepare myself for it this time but I don't think you can prepare for it. I did Maddox's first feeding and it didn't go so well. He was great until he would look to see who was feeding him and then he would begin to cry.......a lot. I know it happens, I know it will go away, and I know I'm not suppose to take it personal but, it hurts all the same.

Also, this really cool feeling when Mary Joy saw Mia.... Mary Joy is the head Nanny and took care of Mia and Maddox. Ashleigh and Holly thought it would be neat to watch Mary Joy's reaction so we let Mia walk into the nursery and when Mary Joy saw Mia she smiled, she cried, she hugged, and then repeated. I've known for some time that the children are loved dearly and cared for well at the House of Hope but what a feeling this was when we witnessed first hand how much the Head Nanny cares for our child even 2 years later.
We have Maddox and all is well!

---written by Jason---

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