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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Strategical Struggles?

Last night was rough! Maddox went to sleep easy, all was well, so we thought. He awoke an hour later, screaming. We weren't sure what the issue was that brought him from a peaceful rest to an all out hysterical cry. He could have been scared, could've had a bad dream, could be hurting, or a host of other things. I tried to console him and it took quite a bit longer than usual to do so but he was back in bed sleeping and all was well, so I thought. He awoke not long afterward and I tried everything that had been working and nothing was effective. Kate got up at some point and became involved in the process, as well. She whispered to me, "We're going to have to tag team it tonight so go get some sleep." It's was a change in strategy but seemed to be a good plan especially since she was taking first shift. So I got in bad thinking all was well. Then Mia decided to make it 2 on 2 instead of double or tag team. She awoke and began crying for no apparent reason. Kate and I went man on man! Kate keyed in on Maddox and I drew Mia. After a bit we were able to get them both back to sleep simultaneously so that we could get some sleep. Maddox awoke not to long after and started the process all over. We again were unable to double or tag team Maddox because Mia got into the game. Then it happened, we realized we are outnumbered significantly. We came to this epiphany as Mason awoke and began coughing, sneezing, and sniffling. We were able to play zone defense and take care of everything for the night but we learned that even when playing zone, if you are outnumbered you are going to wear down quickly. So............we had a team meeting and decided to recruit Madison! We are really excited about our new acquisition! We realize she doesn't have the experience that some others may have but we feel she has tremendous upside. A rookie indeed but one with huge potential.

Seriously though, Madison has been a tremendous asset. She has the instincts of a Mom and the caring and giving heart as well. She is an absolutely wonderful big sister. We couldn't ask for anything more. Hope she doesn't mind waking up all hours of the night to take a shift.... ;)

---written by Jason---

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