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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The night we almost died.....

For several months before we were able to travel to Taiwan, Kate talked of she and I obtaining our international drivers licenses so if needed we could drive "legally". When it came down to time to leave she sent me to get mine but determined she wouldn't need one. After all, it was "just in case" we needed to drive ourselves and we shouldn't have to because we didn't last time. Well.....I've had these "just in case" times come up several times already and we've only been here about a week.

Sunday afternoon there was a Walk For Life event in a city not to far from here and we decided to accompany Holly, Regan, their children and 3 of the nannies to the event. The Elder family is here to take their son, Levi, home. Therefore, we have a fairly large crowd. Nine of us to be exact because, well.... Kate and I have now produced a large family of our own. So, if we go anywhere, unless we take an airplane or passenger train, I am needed to drive the ministry van. This trip was going to be extra special because we were going to a big crowded city. I had some experience in a downtown area because I had previously made a wrong turn prompting a u-turn in the middle of a busy intersection the size of a coffee table. I also had the privilege of parallel parking while all of Taiwan watched with anticipation. So with a few difficult maneuvers under my belt here we went! Regan took lead with Holly behind him and me bringing up the rear. The first part of the trip was about a 2 on the difficulty scale but it continued to grow increasingly difficult as time and miles pressed on. Regan called at one point and said, "We'll take a right on Rende and go 3.7 km and then another right and then..........hang on!" One of my greatest fears is being lost so maybe the greatest fear is to be lost in a foreign country. I did all that I could possibly do to stay behind the van/SUV thingy that said "Savrin" on the back of it. I pronounced that "sovereign" in my head and assumed God would be with me. He was! I cut off people. I forced scooters onto sidewalks. I ran red lights. Forced my way into oncoming traffic and I'm sure broke at least a dozen traffic laws. But........ I never lost sight of the Savrin! In fact, I probably never got more than arms length away. Holly had to come to a screeching halt while entering a freeway. I was so convinced I was going to slam into the Savrin that I may or may not have let out a slightly girlish squeal. I was thinking the whole time that Holly was going to ask for the keys and exclaim that I was not allowed to drive anymore. Instead, she was quite impressed with my NASCAR driving in the mini van and Regan was as well. Kate has made me promise on several occasions that I will never attempt this maniacal driving in the United States. :( I know at some point that there will be some Taiwan driving needed in the States and I, my friends, am well equipped to get it done!

P.S. Maddow did great last night. Mason, Mia, and Maddox all have colds but are hanging in there. We're loving being here and have had some God moments that I'll write about soon.

---written by Jason---

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Location:Syuefu Road Lane 200 Alley 1,Kaohsiung ,Taiwan

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