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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jason--My Education in Language and Pineapples

My education was yet again extended.  Maybe these are some things you all knew and never cared to share with me but I thought they were pretty neat.

Pineapples do not grow on trees.  They are 2-3 foot bushes and the pineapple grows right on top.  An amazing defeat of gravity by God.

Also I found several universal languages.  Baby laughs, baby cries, the sign language used in helping some back a vehicle, yelling when you have not paid for a service (I will tell you all about that later), and children's language.  Our family with Lance, Leslie, and Caysin stayed in the south last night at a hotel that was not very nice at all but kind of cool.  We then went back to a different part of the ocean that did not have such big waves.  All of the children loved it.  I witnessed an awesome part of what I have always missed about the teaching of Jesus about becoming as little children.  Here we are literally half way around the world where nobody speaks English.  A place where you would expect children the age of ours to be scared and confused and just kind of clam up.  Our children played in the ocean with other children. They laughed and talked but yet did not speak each other's spoken language.  None of them cared.  None of them saw race, religion, color or anything but somebody to love and to be loved by.  Simply amazing!  Only possible with God!

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