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Friday, August 13, 2010

Jason--Day 2

Dear Diary,

Another long day!
After a very short ride on the High Speed Rail (High Speed is understatement) we made to Kaohsiung.
Trena, Renee (Trena's Daughter), and Ashleigh were a little late.
It happened again! (That amazing overwhelming of emotions when you hold your child for the first time)
We registered with the city. (Mia is no longer a citizen of Kaohsiung).
Mia is precious!
We went to The House of Hope. (Nothing like I had imagined but very nice)
Thought of Devin several times. (Lots of chopsticks and sushi)
All the locals speak a foreign language. (Difficult to communicate)
Just rocked Mia to sleep.
Mia is wonderful. (God is awesome)

Going to bed 9:00 pm here -- 8:00 am there

*Note to self:  Kyle maybe right...I do seem to cry like a girl.

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