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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jason--More on Day 5, Day 6

Mia's birth parents canceled the visitation. (I guess my worrying was in vain)(I'm not sure why I fail to trust God on so many occasions)
We went to aboriginal bead shop. (They make and sell glass beads...kinda cool to watch them)
Lost more rain! (LOTS MORE)
Both vans had extremely hard time today after bead shop.(One would not start.  One would not drive. Lance and I laid hands on...we got back finally)
We went to mall for Caysen's birthday party at night and said final goodbyes to Holly and Trena's families and the Hatcher sisters. (Awesome people)

*Note to self:  Apricot juice is TERRIBLE

Got up at 5:00 am packed and left with Trena and Holly to go to AIT. (I think we were supposed to be nervous but we didn't know to be)
Everything went great and she is ours forever.(Praise the Lord God!)(He is without a doubt the Almighty Maker and Giver of all good things)
We went to noodle shop for lunch. (Had more Taiwanese pickles...nothing like them...really good!  Had some spicy green bean looking things...also very good)
Checked into 4th hotel in Taiwan, 2nd in Taipei(Pretty nice...again no real shower)
After a somewhat stressful day Lance and I took Kate and Leslie and Madison to get their hair washed.(Although very boring it was neat to see the girls enjoy themselves for very little money.)(Lance and I were a hit with our new babies)
Lance and I had a conversation with a crazy lady. (She had no idea what we were saying and we had no idea what she was saying but yet it lasted for 5-7 minutes...priceless)
We had Burger King for supper (Scoff all you want, White family, but we needed some good ole' fashion non-healthy food. Plus ice and salt are 2 commodities that are hard to come by here)  (Madison and Mason thought they were in heaven!)
Played with Mia(I've done this everyday but just thought to put it in today)
Took nap with Mia (Same as above)

*Note to self:  Naps alone = good.  Naps with new baby = unforgettable!

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