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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jason--Day 4

Finally adjusting to time change! (Just in time to reverse it)
Stayed in hotel last night with no shower or tub. (just shower head on a wall in bathroom- everything gets wet)
No beds, just mattresses on the floor.  (I guess that was our version of roughing it)
It was great though because it had A/C. (I have a preacher friend, him and his wife have stayed in much worse conditions to help people out)
I saw a man carrying a wheelbarrow on the back of a scooter. (Priceless)
We went to Smokey Joes for lunch. (They serve many things including but not limited to Squid spaghetti and pig knuckles with a side of sauerkraut)
We had an assembly with Lance and Leslie.(I may be done kneading my leaven lesson)(Oh come on...you know all of you who got that laughed)  (Mom, I will explain latter)
We ate again at the mall for supper.  I had... something-- it had a twang, but was really good.(Still not interested in things such as squid balls or pig knuckles)
It seems now to be a favorite past time here in Kaohsiung, Taiwan to stare at the 4 white people with 2 white kids and 2 asian kids. (Some even get up enough nerve and say, "Hello...Hello..Hello")
We meet Mia's birth parents tomorrow. (I am nervous...not sure why...just wish we weren't)
Going to bed 11:00pm here time.  10am your time.

*Note to self: Quit making fun of Devin with the chopsticks and just learn the trade.

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