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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jason--Can't get enough!!

That's true of Mia but I am writing regarding Taiwan.

All along Kate and I talked about coming over here for one thing and one thing only.  That was to get Mia.  We didn't care if we liked or disliked the His Hands family or anything else here.  We did not care to see any attractions or to stay much longer than absolutely necessary.  I am not sure about Kate, but that is exactly the attitude that I came with.

As God does to me very frequently, he brought me to my knees.  Right from the start I had an affection for Trena, Renee (Trena's daughter), and Ashleigh Hatcher.  I felt like I knew Ashleigh for a long time as I have seen her pictured with Mia multiple times and Skyped with her twice.  As they walked Mia to us at the HSR station and Kate walked to hold Mia for the first time I thought of (thanks to Morgan) "As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country." (Prov 25:25)  These 3 women were bringing some mighty cold water to 2 mighty thirsty souls.

As we road to the beach during a 2.5 hour trip we talked to Reagan which is Holly's husband.  He was very easy to get to know and fun to be with.  He enjoyed my humor so that helps. As I listened to him talk about the Taiwanese people and their culture my heart was pricked.  As he explained the mindset that most of them have my interest was piqued.  Here we have a massive number of people that don't believe in the One True God or Jesus as our Messiah.  However, they exhibit so many of the characteristics of Christ.  Their humility is praise worthy and their servant hearts are indescribable.  I could write a small book detailing all of the things I have seen this people do for not only each other but for us foreigners. Their attention to excellence in all they do is incomprehensible, from the little old ladies with witch brooms sweeping the roads to the men buffing a garage floor.

Now I realize that I have only a small sample in a short period of time and I keep thinking that I am just on emotional high.  I do believe there are some piqued emotions but I don't believe that it is all just because of Mia.  As far as the small sample...well...I have several stories for every day and also every city that we have been in from far north to far south of the island.

I'm not sure what all this is about.  God may just be revving me back up.  Only God knows but I want to find a way to help these people.  I don't know how or when.  I just know they need help.  They are definitely not the poorest of countries but I believe when God shows us people in need we are then called upon to act on that need.  This is plainly exhibited in the parable of the Good Samaritan.

I love y'all and am looking forward to you meeting Mia for the first time.  If you cry when you do its okay.  I know some people that did.

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