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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jason--Day 6

-Slept later(felt good)
-Went to 8th floor for our free breakfast(good thing it was free)
-Received egg that Kyle would have eaten with a straw, a half a slice of bacon that wasn't cooked, a triangle slice of bologna/ham/turkey/dog or something.  Also as extra options on a short buffet line were tuna, Brussels sprouts, salad, pickle relish and some other lunch/supper items.  We ate toast and I had some yellowish watermelon.  Watermelon was a little mushier than red but great taste and really small seeds.
-Met Lance and Leslie in lobby where we received our packages from AIT.(Mia's visa(not credit card) we can take her home...YAY!)
-Walked a lot today (feet are aching)
-Rode on MRT (Subway system)(Massive organized confusion at several of the stations)
-Went to Chiang Kai-shek Memorial (Memorial for a great leader of Republic of China.  Mixed feelings regarding him, in Taiwan)
-Huge place(Kate will put some pictures on Facebook)
-Watched changing of Guards.  (Drawn out way to long but very cool)
-Bought extension cord at Taiwan Best Buy thingy. (Thought of Warren)
-After long hard day of walking we stopped at 7/11 and got Slurpees.(Ate PB&J sandwiches in hotel room)

*Notes to self:  A/C in North Missouri = very nice to have commodity
                        A/C in Taiwan = a necessity to stay alive
                King Kong Sweety in Taiwan = Goodness (Peanut-butter and Chocolate on a hoagie bun sold at 7/11)

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