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Monday, February 13, 2012

{my easy load}

So, I was kind of a whiny baby the other day.
I'm done with that {for now}.
I have MUCH to keep me busy
and to be thankful for!
I'm ecstatic for my friends
who have precious babies
waiting on the other side of the world for them!
I'm a music person.
Lyrics and music speak to me.
I can't get away from this song:

So, I'll just keep singing this song and think about
my "easy load".
His Hands {obviously} is still heavy on my heart.
 They need such a seemingly vast sum of money 
in such a short amount of time.
Did you know that His Hands has
processed 45 {FORTY-FIVE} adoptions
in less than 5 years?
FORTY-FIVE children
have gone to loving homes
where they'll learn about Jesus' love
and how He died for them!
And this doesn't include
the countless hurting, scared mothers
that they've taken in--
given them somewhere to live,
shown them the love of Jesus,
supported and counseled them in their decisions
to either keep their precious babies
or make the heartbreaking, selfless choice
to give them up for adoption
when they themselves couldn't care for them.

"So, what does this have to do with me?

 What can I do?"
--you might ask.

His Hands needs YOUR help to
keep ministering to these mothers
and the sweet babies.
They need to come up with a
large amount of money
in a short amount of time.
What can you do?
Well, do you see that new little Chip-In thing at the
top of my blog?
That's how you can help.  You can donate.
There's no set amount.  ANY little bit helps!
And tell your friends!  Spread the word!
People can't help if they don't know there's a need.

Here's the direct link to the His Hands Chip-In page.

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