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Thursday, February 2, 2012


We received our completed Home Study on January 13th.  We overnighted our i-600a to USCIS on the 17th.  We received our fingerprinting appointment on January 31st.  The problem is that our appointment wasn't until FEBRUARY 24th!  Almost a MONTH away!!  Well, I'm not always as patient as I probably should be.  Especially when it comes to this adoption process.  I've heard of LOTS of people "walking in" to USCIS to get their fingerprints taken BEFORE their actual appointment {as long as you have your appointment letter}.  We decided to risk it.  Kansas City is only about an hour away.  So, we tried it.  We were done in 15 minutes!  No problems!  The girl that did Jason's was a little snippy and mentioned to him that we were VERY early for our appointment.  But all in all we no problems at all!  Praise God!!!

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  1. We are going to try to do this too for our fingerprints! But first, we need to get that final draft of our home study. What a blessing to feel that there is a "rush" for me to get this all done. YAY!!!!