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Friday, February 10, 2012

{dead end job}

I hesitate to post this, but I'm pretty sure not many people read my blog anyway.  And I try to be honest.  So, here goes.....

Sometimes this adoption waiting thing feels like
a dead-end job.

Imagine this:
You work at this job that you don't really like.  You have others that you work with.  You DO like them.  You all suffer through it together.  The job is no fun, but it's bearable because they are there doing the same "no fun" job with you.  You work with these people for months.  You laugh and cry together.
 But then something happens.
One day, several of your co-workers are promoted!!!  To a FABULOUS job--the best job ever!!  You are ecstatic for your friends!  Overjoyed for these that you are so close to that have this
fabulous new position.

But suddenly your job seems even more unbearable.  You feel very alone.  It's unbelievable how a promotion can change things so quickly--in minutes.  Your friends are suddenly far above you--moving forward-- and you feel stuck back in time.  You know that someday you will receive this same position.  Someday--you will be promoted to this amazing job too.  But for now, you're left behind.


I've done this adoption thing before.
And adoption is AMAZING!!!
Don't get me wrong.
I wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING!
But {for today} I'm stuck back here in this dead end job.

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  1. You labor not in vain.... And somewhere I saw a really cool necklace that said 'joy in the journey'. Yeah, I totally pinned it too:). Blessings to you on your joyful journey!