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Saturday, November 24, 2012

God things?!

I still don't know --and may never know -- God's full purpose in allowing Kate and I to bring another child into our home. We are very thankful to have another son and are overjoyed that we have been blessed with the experience of adoption once again! This adoption seemed more difficult -- as if at every turn something was wrong. Was this God saying you've pushed to far or was this Satan attempting to stop us from introducing another child to God? Satan worked hard last time to stop us but he did it in different ways than what we experienced this time. After being here for two weeks it is obvious that Satan was working overtime trying to discourage us and make us question the choices we had made after much praying and meditation. We have experienced special things, been involved in inspiring events, and have worshipped God at every corner.

Holly asked me to lead a few team building exercises for an inservice for the nannies. I was nervous to stand before a group of women who do not speak my language and lead them in exercises that were designed with American multi-billion dollar companies in mind. I had no idea if it would help and even if they would understand the purpose of the exercises. I prayed and asked God to speak through me about being a team and being a beneficial team member. He did! I feel that it was a huge success to the glory of God! Satan did not want me to be a part of this. God - 1, Satan - 0

We've met, enjoyed spending time with, and have made some lasting memories with a wonderful family that is also here to adopt.

They share the same passions about orphans. They share the same love for Christ. This is a lifelong friendship that has been started with people that we are united with through the love of Christ. God is awesome! God - 2, Satan - 0

We were able to attend the Hero Games at Morrison Academy.

This is an event for children with special needs -- very similar to a special Olympics. The Morrison students help the children with special needs to compete in various athletic events. It was an awesome display of love by children who looked beyond differences in appearance and embraced the opportunity to share the compassion of Christ. We as a family were able to cheer on these children and view their smiling faces as they ran, jumped, and kicked balls. An awesome encounter with the Gospel in action! After the events were over we had the opportunity to speak with the directors of the home that houses these special needs children. In speaking with them we discovered that the wife is from Jamesport, MO. What's the chances we travel to Taiwan and run across and speak to someone that is from a town just 35 miles north of our home town? One hundred percent if God wants it to happen! Another relationship started based on the love of Christ for children! God - 3, Satan - 0

There are many, many more things just like this that some may say, "We'll that's just coincidence." I don't believe in coincidence anymore. I've seen and experienced too much to chalk it up as mere happenstance. The point is -- although sometimes painful and hard to bear God works things out just the way he needs to for him to be glorified. All we have to do? Get out of the way and submit to his directing.

----written by Jason---

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