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Thursday, March 1, 2012

TWO {mia}

Our sweet Mia is two today!
It's hard to believe.
Time goes by so quickly.

Here's a little bit about what she's doing lately:
-18-24 months clothes
-Size 5 to 6 shoes
-loves Elmo
-sings along to music
-holds a pencil/pen correctly
-potty-trained {except for sleeping}
-still doesn't eat much--kinda picky
-ADORES her "Bubby" and "Sissy"
-asks "Where's Dad" a MILLION times a day
-calls dogs "Ruff-Ruffs"
-pretty sure she could scale Mt. Everest with ease

We love you, sweet girl!!


  1. Happy Birthday, Mia!

    Love the update on your sweet girl.

  2. Oh Kate! She is just precious. WOW! My heart longs for a daughter born from another mother.