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Sunday, January 9, 2011

9 years ago...

Yesterday, nine years ago, I was 24 weeks pregnant with our 2nd son, Jayden. We had lost our first son, Jay, 8 months earlier. Jayden had always been very active in my belly. It was actually a comfort to me to feel him move constantly. It was reassuring to me. Well, on this day, he didn't move. Not once. I hadn't felt him move for hours. I called my doctor. The nurse said to drink a Coke, lay down, and concentrate on his movements for an hour. She was not concerned. So, I did this. I waited. Still no movements. My doctor said to come in and he would check everything out. He listened to Jayden's heartbeat, etc and said everything seemed fine. But Jason & I were not convinced. We were a teensy bit paranoid after Jay's death. So, my doctor sent us to the neonatologist in Dallas at Baylor that we had gone to with Jay. When we got there, he did a sonogram and immediately asked me if I was in pain. I wasn't. He said I was in the early stages of labor. They admitted me immediately into the hospital. They gave Jayden steroids to make his lungs mature. They gave me medicines to slow down the labor. But there was no stopping it. Jayden was born just a few hours later. He lived for 10 short hours--this 2nd son of mine. So, today is the day--nine years ago--that he died. God had blessed us richly since then. And, looking back, even in those incredibly rough times of our lives, He was blessing us. So today, I remember with much love, my son.


  1. glad God blessed you with the life you have now and hoping he blesses you more!

  2. We remember with you as you reflect on your precious son, and we sorrow with you over what was not to be. We also rejoice with you in the assurance that they are both safe in the arms of Jesus.