Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jason--The Poop

I almost forgot this best thing about today.

Since we have been here, Mia has not pooped.  (Yeah!  I know.)  We asked Holly about it and she said that is really common.  The babies actually will not poop until they become comfortable enough with the new parents.  Well, Kate was taking a shower after Mia, Madison, Mason, and I were done.  So we were playing!  I was laying down on the bed and had my feet flat so my knees were up.  I had Mia propped up on my knees on her tummy.  She was just loving it as the kids were talking to her.  She soaked my knees with slobber.  I was patting her back when all of the sudden she farted like Kyle.  She slumped down and began grunting in rhythm with bearing down!  Mason was rolling laughing.  Madison not so much.  Then the smell began to fill the room.  I let this go on for a while knowing the longer I could hold off the more time I was giving Kate to get done.  I got brave and decided to inspect the damage. BAD DECISION!  Green stuff coming stuff coming out! (Where is your mother?)

I ended up changing her.  All of the crevices that were filled with sand about an hour prior were now filled with green slimy poop.  It smelled terrible.  But I loved every bit of it.  My eyes are filling with tears as I type.  I never thought I would have another opportunity to pawn off a diaper change on my wife.  Words can not truly express my joy,  I am so thankful to God.  He has really outdone himself with this blessing.  I am so far from worthy.

Melissa, if you are reading I apologize for the graphic wording but you should of been here.  I loved every bit of it and pray for more.

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